Review: “Treason of Hawks” by Lila Bowen


Release Date: October 16, 2018
Publisher: Orbit
Series: The Shadow #4
Genre: Historical Fantasy, Weird West


Rhett Walker is looking for peace, the memories of all he’s lost haunting his dreams. And now the Shadow tugs him West, back to where his journey began.

With the lawless Rangers on his heels and monster attacks surging, Rhett is surrounded on all sides. This time it’s not all about horses and land. This time, it feels personal. Because the newest monster on the horizon just may be wearing the face of someone from Rhett’s past.

To save the Durango territory, Rhett must accept the Shadow’s call and fulfill his destiny.” (via Goodreads)


My Thoughts

TreasonOfHawks-coverThe fourth and final book in Lila Bowen’s excellent Shadow series picks up right where the third book left off, and never lets up on the tension. Wicked Ranger Haskell and his band of brutes are harrying Rhett’s trail as a gang of chupacabras taunt his motley crew. Meanwhile, an unknown fiend is picking off the people from Rhett’s past, leaving them dry, desiccated husks. And on top of all this, supernatural beasties from all across Durango are making their way to Rhett’s camp at Inès’ mission. Something is drawing them to the Shadow, and whatever it is, the Shadow knows not everyone will make it out alive. All he wants is a quiet life of cattle ranching and romancing Sam, but what Rhett wants and what the Shadow demands are two separate things. The fight of his life is coming … and Rhett isn’t ready…

My reviews of the Shadow series books 1-3 and Treason of Hawks are up at

The way she said it, stern but kind of sad, made Rhett want to shoot a cactus full of holes. He glanced at Sam, who was still drinking, still not looking at Rhett. His eye went to Dan next, finding the man standing over Sam, arms crossed, mouth grim. Inès was just a shape in black and white, witnessing Sam’s transformation, as still as one of her statues. The night suddenly seemed a very empty, cold, hard thing, sharp as stone. Rhett’s hand went to the small leather bag he wore around his neck, shifting the contents in his palm. So many people had left him, and all that remained of them hung heavy against his tightly bound chest. Monty, Chuck, Chicken, the Captain, Earl. Everybody was leaving him.

Thanks to Orbit for sending me a review copy.

Do the world a favor and buy this book from your local indie bookstore or get it from your public library.

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