Review: “The Iron Will of Genie Lo” by F.C. Yee


Release Date: January 14, 2020
Publisher: Amulet Books
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy


“Genie Lo thought she was busy last year, juggling her academic career with protecting the Bay Area from demons. But now, as the Heaven-appointed Guardian of California, she’s responsible for the well-being of all yaoguai and spirits on Earth. Even the ones who interrupt her long-weekend visit to a prestigious college, bearing terrible news about a cosmos-threatening force of destruction in a nearby alternate dimension.

The goddess Guanyin and Genie’s boyfriend, Quentin Sun Wukong, do their best to help, but it’s really the Jade Emperor who’s supposed to handle crises of this magnitude. Unfortunately for Genie and the rest of existence, he’s gone AWOL. Fed up with the Jade Emperor’s negligence, Genie spots an opportunity to change the system for the better by undertaking a quest that spans multiple planes of reality along with an adventuring party of quarrelsome Chinese gods. But when faced with true danger, Genie and her friends realize that what will save the universe this time isn’t strength, but sacrifice.”


My Thoughts

IronWillGenieLo-coverIf the first book was about learning how to adapt, the second is about knowing when to change. The old ways aren’t working, not for Genie or for Heaven. Her conflicts with her parents, her frustrations with Quentin, her idolization of Guanyin, her hesitations with her best friend Yunie, her plastic dreams of an Ivy League education, all of it is holding her back. When she was younger she could ignore all the complications piling up at her door, but now her time is up. Adulthood is just around the corner. The longer she refuses to act, the more extreme others’ reactions will be. It’s time for Genie to make a move…but first she has to figure out what moves she can make…

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Thanks to the publisher for sending me a review copy.

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