Review: “Gentleman’s Guide to Getting Lucky” by Mackenzi Lee


Release Date: November 26, 2019
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Series: Montague Siblings #1.5
Genre: Young Adult, Historical Fantasy


“Monty’s epic grand tour may be over, but now that he and Percy are finally a couple, he realizes there is something more nerve-wracking than being chased across Europe: getting together with the person you love.

Will the romantic allure of Santorini make his first time with Percy magical, or will all the anticipation and build-up completely spoil the mood?”


My Thoughts

GentlemansGuideGettingLucky-coverIn a lot of ways, A Gentleman’s Guide to Getting Lucky feels a lot like Monty/Percy fanfic. (And if you know anything about me, you’ll know that’s a huge compliment!) Some of my favorite fics are the simpler stories where the relationship between the characters is more important than grand adventure or intense action, and that’s just what happens here.

Mackenzi Lee drops Monty and Percy onto a sun-dappled Greek isle with little to do but spend time together. Felicity is there (the story is set between The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue and The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy), as are the crew of the Eleftheria. But other than a brief conspiracy between the Montague siblings involving roses and romantic decor, the novella’s main focus is on the two boys, well, getting lucky. But, like the best fanfic, there is nothing insignificant or inconsequential about this story.

Percy and Monty are together in the beginning and together by the end, but their relationship deepens and matures. Both learn to talk to each other about the difficult stuff rather than hide from it or ignore it. Although the story is ostensibly about the boys wanting to get it on, there is more to it than that (again, just like the best fics). Sex – specifically their hangups and desires that pop up like unexpected obstacles to them actually having said sex – is the physical manifestation of psychological concerns. By the end of Gentleman’s Guide, Monty is literally free of his tyrannical, abusive father, but the man still holds a lot of sway over his emotional well-being. Monty needs to work through the trauma caused by his father before he can fully commit to a real relationship.

While you don’t have to read this novella in order to understand the plot of Lady’s Guide, it is a crucial scene in the love story of Monty and Percy. Besides, why wouldn’t you want to read a well-written story with adorable characters and impressive insight?

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