The Wild Magic of Emily Tesh’s Drowned Country

Release Date: August 18, 2020
Series: Greenhollow Duology #2
Publisher: Publishing
Genre: Historical Fantasy



“Even the Wild Man of Greenhollow can’t ignore a summons from his mother, when that mother is the indomitable Adela Silver, practical folklorist. Henry Silver does not relish what he’ll find in the grimy seaside town of Rothport, where once the ancient wood extended before it was drowned beneath the sea―a missing girl, a monster on the loose, or, worst of all, Tobias Finch, who loves him.”


My Thoughts

DrownedCountry-coverThough Silver is the star, Maud Lindhurst bears the brunt of the action. She is exactly the kind of woman who rarely got written about in Victorian and Edwardian literature, and when she did it was never in a positive light. Maud is what I always wished Mina Harker had been allowed to be. She’s bold and reckless, not unlike Henry Silver. But while others find Henry’s insouciance charming, Maud is shamed for it. Emily Tesh plays with that contradiction but refrains from giving that shame any validity. Henry may use her as an excuse to hover around Tobias and as a way to exorcise his own demons, but she’s very much her own woman. Despite her parents’ stifling rules, Maud will not be cowed or led. She wants freedom and will do anything and everything—including taking on an ancient vampire and marching into a wild Fairyland—to get it…

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Thanks to the publisher for sending me a review copy.

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