Like Dragons Hoarding Gold: Lovecraft Country, “A History of Violence”

Episode: 4 – September 6, 2020
Network: HBO
Showrunner: Misha Green
Genre: Horror

My Thoughts

“If the United States fails to proliferate its stockpile of nuclear bombs the barbaric Soviet Union will wipe out civilized America.” In the grips of a drunken stupor, a newscaster drones on. The line is specifically about the Cold War, but could just as easily be applied to the Freeman family. Like his father, Montrose believes the best defense is a good offense. The only way he knows how to protect him from a world that wants to destroy him is to make him strong and cautious. It’s why he destroys the Order of the Ancient Dawn by-laws George stole from the Braithwaites. If he can contain the threat and block Tic’s access to it, maybe, just maybe he can keep his son alive a little longer. In the background, the train rattles and booms like a growling monster. Ultimately, Montrose can do nothing to stop what’s coming for them…

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