2020 Totals: Short Speculative Fiction

A list of the 336 short speculative fiction stories I read in 2020.

12 Worlds Interrupted by the Drone by Fargo Tbakhi – (Strange Horizons; September 14, 2020)

20th Century Hotel by Tomihiko Morimi – (Samovar; October 26, 2020)

50 Things Every AI Working with Humans Should Knowby Ken Liu – (Uncanny Magazine; Issue 37)

8-Bit Free Will by John Wiswell  – (PodCastle; 654)

A Bitter Orange Perfume by H. Pueyo – (Fireside; Issue 76)

A Brave Heart and a Decent Sword by V. A. Olvera – (From the Farther Trees; Issue 3)

A Compass in the Dark by Phoebe Barton – (Analog; May/June 2020)

A Farmboy, A Wizard and a Dark Lord Walk into a Tower by Dantzel Cherry – (Galaxy’s Edge; Issue 47)

A Flute in the Garden by L Chan – (From the Farther Trees; Issue 3)

A Girl at the End of the World by Prashanth Srivatsa – (Three-Lobed Burning Eye; Issue 31)

A Glorious Chapeau by Alicia Hilton – (Daily Science Fiction; April 23, 2020)

A Hitchhiking Robot’s Guide to Canada by Marie Vibbert – (Flash Fiction Online; April 2020)

A Love Like Bruises by Jeremy Szal – (Kaleidotrope; Summer 2020)

A Love Song for Herkinal by Chinelo Onwualu – (Uncanny Magazine; Issue 35)

A Machine, Unhaunted by Kerstin Hall – (Fireside; Issue 83)

A Moonlit Savagery by Millie Ho – (Nightmare Magazine; Issue 91)

A Pale Horse by M Evan MacGriogair – (Uncanny Magazine; Issue 35)

A Promise by Jennifer Hudak – (Drabblecast; 431)

A Sideways Slant of Light by Leah Cypess – (Asimov’s Science Fiction; September/October 2020)

A Stick of Clay, in the Hands of God, is Infinite Potential by JY Neon Yang – (Clarkesworld; Issue 164)

A System for Investigating Recapitulation and Evolutionary Novelty by Kyle E Miller – (Clarkesworld; Issue 163)

A Terminal Kind of Love by Veronica Henry – (FIYAH; Issue 14)

A Trick of Light by Hamilton Perez – (Speculative City; Issue 7)

Advanced Word Problems in Portal Math by  Aimee Picchi – (Daily Science Fiction; January 3, 2020)

After Me, The Flood by Elizabeth Zuckerman – (Beneath Ceaseless Skies; Issue 318)

Against the Dying of the Light by Stewart C Baker – (Flash Fiction Online; May 2020)

AirBody by Sameem Siddiqui – (Clarkesworld; Issue 163)

Akhulume by Larissa Irankunda – (Fireside; Issue 78)

All Cats Are Grey by Simon Christiansen – (Nature: Futures; April 8, 2020)

All of Us by Kathleen Naytia – (Speculative City; Issue 9)

All That the Storm Took by Yah Yah Scholfield – (FIYAH; Issue 13)

Alligators by Monica Joyce Evans – (Nature: Futures; December 16, 2020)

Alone by Emma Törzs – (Strange Horizons; August 17, 2020)

An Eccentric Writer, a King, and a Bet: the Story of How the “Huge Story” Came to Be by Kshemendra, translated by Brishti Guha – (Samovar; April 27, 2020)

An Egg Before It Is Broken by Miyuki Jane Pinckard – (Strange Horizons; November 9, 2020)

An Examination of the Trash Recovered at Armstrong Lunar Park by Wendy Nikel – (Nature: Futures; April 15, 2020)

An Explorer’s Cartography of Already Settled Lands by Fran Wilde – (Tor.com; April 22, 2020)

An Hour at the End of the World by Michael J.J. Flood – (Daily Science Fiction; April 6, 2020)

An Indian Love Call by Joseph Bruchac – (The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction; May/June 2020)

An Introduction by Reina Hardy – (Fantasy Magazine; Issue 61)

An Oasis of Amends by Floris Kleijne – (Flash Fiction Online; February 2020)

And for My Next Universe… by Matthew Castleman – (Fireside; Issue 79)

Another F*cken Fairy Tale by M. Rickert – (The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction; May/June 2020)

Auntie Cheeks by Renée Jessica Tan – (Flash Fiction Online; June 2020)

Beloved and Deserted by Nicole Tan – (Translunar Travelers Lounge; Issue 3)

Benjamin 2073 by Rjurik Davidson – (Tor.com; May 13, 2020)

Beyond the Dragon’s Gate by Yoon Ha Lee – (Tor.com; May 20, 2020)

Blood Magic by Angela Teagardner – (Flash Fiction Online; May 2020)

Boris’s Bar by Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali – (Escape Pod by 735)

Bright and Shabby Buses by Jack Larsen – (Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet; Issue 42)

Bring the Bones That Sing by Merc Fenn Wolfmoor – (Diabolical Plots; 65B)

Bulgom Pamplemousse of the Knights Doudou by Alyssa Cole        

Call Them Children by Wenmimareba Klobah Collins – (The Dark Magazine; Issue 64)

Camouflage Baby by Ebuka Prince Okoroafor – (The Dark Magazine; Issue 67)

Caring For Dragons and Growing a Flower by Allison Thai – (PodCastle; 623)

Cast Member Rules at Old Tech Town by Shaeon K. Garrity – (Cast of Wonders; 410)

Cerulean Memories by Maurice Broaddus – (Uncanny Magazine; Issue 37)

Charlie Tries to Interview Her Nanny by Michael Robertson – (Fireside; Issue 76)

Charmed Honeycake by Archita Mittra – (Hexagon Magazine; Issue 3)

Cleaver, Meat, and Block by Maria Haskins – (Black Static; Issue 73)

Come the Revolution by Ian Tregillis – (Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction; March/April 2020)

Conjurer’s Rites by Jen Brown – (Tor.com; October 19, 2020)

Cosmic Crust by Alex Sherman – (Tor.com; April 1, 2020)

Custom Options Available by Amy Griswold – (Fireside; Issue 75)

Dead Girls Have No Names by Claire Wrenwood – (Nightmare Magazine; Issue 95)

Dead Horse Club by Jude Wetherell – (Reckoning; Winter 2020)

Deceleration by Allison Mulvihill – (Strange Horizons; November 2, 2020)

Decorating with Luke by Adam-Troy Castro – (Nightmare Magazine; Issue 92)

Dégustation by Ashley Deng – (Nightmare Magazine; Issue 93)

Descent into the Archives by Dennis Mombauer – (Speculative City; Issue 8)

Different Kinds of Heroes by Michael W Cho – (Daily Science Fiction; May 27, 2020)

Dirt Under the Nails by Aaron Menzel – (Fireside; Issue 79)

Dissonance by Kelly Washington – (Kaleidotrope; Winter 2020)

Distant Stars by P H Lee – (Clarkesworld; Issue 163)

Dog Years by Ace Tilton Ratcliff – (Fireside; Issue 80)

Doorway, Smile, Kiss, Fox by Jeremy Packert Burke – (Beneath Ceaseless Skies; Issue 311)

Dragon Years by Juliet Kemp – (The Future Fire; Issue 2020.54)

Drawing Lines Between the Stars by Frank Smith – (Clarkesworld; Issue 167)

Driving with Ghosts by Clara Madrigano – (The Dark Magazine; Issue 60)

Eight to the Eighth by Liam Hogan – (Cast of Wonders; 412)

Elephant Teeth by Zandra Renwick – (Three-Lobed Burning Eye; Issue 31)

Elsewhere by James S.A. Corey – (XPrize: Avatars Inc; March 2020)

Escaping Dr. Markoff by Gabriela Santiago – (The Dark Magazine; Issue 58)

Everquest by Naomi Kanakia – (Lightspeed Magazine; Issue 125)

Every Tiny Tooth and Claw (or: Letters from the First Month of the New Directorate) by Marissa Lingen – (Beneath Ceaseless Skies; January 16, 2020)

Everything and Nothing by Jenny Rae Rappaport – (Lightspeed Magazine; Issue 125)

Express to Beijing West Railway Station by Congyun ‘Mu Ming’ Gu, translated by Kiera Johnson – (Samovar; October 26, 2020)

Five Courses on Ganymede by P H Lee – (Nature: Futures; May 6, 2020)

Five Things I hate About Phobos by Stewart C. Baker – (Nature: Futures; December 9, 2020)

Flyover Country by Julie C. Day – (Interzone; Issue 285)

Foie Gras by Charles Payseur – (Fireside; Issue 78)

For Change is the Moon’s Domain, and Tonight She Watches by Izzy Wasserstein – (Fireside; Issue 78)

For You, 2000 Quarantines From Now by Andrea Kriz – (Interstellar Flight Press; July 28, 2020)

Forwarded as Received by Osahon Ize-Iyamu – (The Dark Magazine; Issue 67)

Fox Red, Life Red, Teeth Like Snow by Devin Miller – (Beneath Ceaseless Skies; Issue 303)

Fracture by Tessa Fisher, Marianne Kirby, & dave ring – (Fireside; Issue 83)

From the Deep, the Music Rises by Izzy Wasserstein – (Baffling; Issue 1)

Ghost Collecting by Sheila Massie – (Flash Fiction Online; October 2020)

Gingerbread by Dafydd McKimm – (Flash Fiction Online; March 2020)

Glass Bottle Dancer by Celeste Rita Baker – (Lightspeed Magazine; Issue 119)

Glass Frog by Remy Reed Pincumbe – (Strange Horizons; June 15, 2020)

Grand Old Boar by G. T. Knight – (Flash Fiction Online; December 2020)

Growing Resistance by Juliet Kemp – (Cast of Wonders; 408)

Happenstance by Fran Wilde – (Reckoning; Winter 2020)

Heart of Stone by Chris Cornetto – (Metaphorosis; February 2020)

Her Cage of Root and Bone by Kali Wallace – (Beneath Ceaseless Skies; Issue 301)

Here Sits His Ignominy by Tobi Ogundiran – (Tor.com; October 19, 2020)

His Body is the Crucible by Kit Edgar – (Prismatica; Issue 14)

Housebound by Ao-Hui Lin – (Drabblecast; 432)

How to Pay Reparations: a Documentary by Tochi Onyebuchi – (Future Tense Fiction; August 29, 2020)

Hummingbird by Eisuke Aikawa, translated by Toshiya Kamei – (Samovar; July 27, 2020)

If Salt Lose Its Savor by Christopher Caldwell – (Uncanny Magazine; Issue 33)

In Blood, In Feathers, In Moonlight by Deborah L. Davitt – (Galaxy’s Edge; Issue 44)

In the Glass Hall of Supreme Women by Jaymee Goh – (Fireside; Issue 86)

In the Lands of the Spill by Aliette de Bodard – (XPrize: Avatars Inc; March 2020)

In The Space of Twelve Minutes by James Yu – (Uncanny Magazine; Issue 36)

Incarnate by Indrapramit Das – (XPrize: Avatars Inc; March 2020)

Instructions for Time Travelers by Mary Soon Lee – (Daily Science Fiction; April 16, 2020)

Interstate Africana by WC Dunlap – (FIYAH; Issue 16)

Introduction to the Horror Story, Day 1 by Kurt Fawver – (Nightmare Magazine; Issue 98)

John Simnel’s First Goshawk by Tegan Moore – (Beneath Ceaseless Skies; Issue 297)

Joyride by Amman Sabet – (Kaleidotrope; Spring 2020)

Just Desserts by Mary Soon Lee – (Daily Science Fiction; December 18, 2020)

Juvenilia by Lavie Tidhar – (Uncanny Magazine; Issue 36)

Kiini Ibura Salaam by Rosamojo – (Lightspeed Magazine; Issue 122)

Knock, Knock Said the Ship by Rati Mehrotra – (The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction; July/August 2020)

Lamplighter by J. Scott Coatsworth – (Galaxy’s Edge; Issue 47)

Larry by Elsa Richardson-Bach – (Flash Fiction Online; October 2020)

Last Orders in the Green Lane by Stephen O’Donnell – (Strange Horizons; July 6, 2020)

Les Lutins by Jonathan Louis Duckworth – (PseudoPod; 711)

Like Faded Joy by Ashley Bao – (Cast of Wonders; 424)

Lipstick for Villains by Audrey R. Hollis – (Flash Fiction Online; March 2020)

Little Free Library by Naomi Kritzer – (Tor.com; April 8, 2020)

Lonely Children Lost at Sea by Wendy Nikel – (Beneath Ceaseless Skies; Issue 301)

Love and Assimilation by Bryce Heckman – (Flash Fiction Online; February 2020)

Love Laws and a Locked Heart by Tamoha Sengupta – (Fantasy Magazine; Issue 61)

Lusca by Soleil Knowles – (FIYAH; Issue 13)

Madre Nuestra, Que Estás en Maracaibo by Ana Hurtado – (The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction; July/August 2020)

Melting Like Metal by Ada Hoffmann – (Lightspeed Magazine; Issue 120)

Mirrored by Jennifer Hudak – (Flash Fiction Online; May 2020)

Mist Songs of Delhi by Sid Jain – (PodCastle; 640)

Mobay Woods by K. M. MKenzie – (Shoreline of Infinity; Summer 2020)

Monster by Naomi Kritzer – (Clarkesworld; Issue 160)

Monsters Never Leave You by Carlie St. George – (Strange Horizons; June 29, 2020)

More than Trinkets by Ramez Yoakeim – (Translunar Travelers Lounge; Issue 3)

Mother Love by Clara Madrigano – (The Dark Magazine; Issue 56)

My Country Is a Ghost by Eugenia Triantafyllou – (Uncanny Magazine; Issue 32)

My Soul Is Wolf by Joyce Chng – (Anathema; Issue 10)

Net Loss by James Sallis – (Analog; May/June 2020)

Nostalgia in a Box by Nicole Kimberling – (Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet; Issue 42)

Not Us by David Tallerman – (Nightmare Magazine; Issue 97)

Object Permanence by James Yu – (Fireside; Issue 86)

Odette by Zen Cho – (Shoreline of Infinity; Summer 2020)

Of Roses and Kings by Melissa Marr – (Tor.com; April 27, 2020)

On Clockwork Wings by Tara Calaby – (Galaxy’s Edge; January 2020)

On Lore by Tamara Jerée – (Fireside; Issue 80)

On the Feeding Habits of Humans: A Firsthand Account by Rachel K. Jones and Khalida Muhammed-Ali – (Drabblecast; 424)

One Black Feather by R. K. Duncan – (Flash Fiction Online; July 2020)

One Hand in the Coffin by Justin C. Key – (Strange Horizons; January 20, 2020)

One of the Less Horrible of the Many Dystopian Futures Visited by the Time Traveller by Naomi Kanakia – (Nature: Futures; April 22, 2020)

Open 27 Hours by LP Kindred – (Speculative City; Issue 10)

Optic Covenant by Katherine Ley – (Daily Science Fiction; December 14, 2020)

Our Lady of the Golems by Irene Punti  – (Future Tense Fiction; April 1, 2020)

Our Souls to the Moon by Tamara Jerée – (Strange Horizons; April 20, 2020)

Pages Missing From the Diary of Samuel Pepys, Esq. by David Berger – (Metaphorosis; September 2020)

Paid in Full by Sarah A. Macklin – (FIYAH; Issue 16)

Pain Tolerance and Resistance to Corrosive Substances In Four Specimens of Exomalaclemys Oharensis by Floris M. Kleijne – (Daily Science Fiction; January 17, 2020)

Perumal and the God of Words by Prashanth Srivatsa – (Shoreline of Infinity; Summer 2020)

Phantasmagoria by Abi Hynes – (Black Static; Issue 76)

Poor Monster (or What You Will) by Hale – (Prismatica; Issue 14)

Portrait of a Pinup Boy at the End of the World by Andrea Tang – (Kaleidotrope; Autumn 2020)

Proof of Existence by Hal Y. Zhang – (Uncanny Magazine; Issue 37)

Pyrrha by Antony Paschos – (Metaphorosis; February 2020)

Quiet by Aqdas Aftab – (Strange Horizons; September 21, 2020)

Realism by M. R. Herbert – (Fireside; Issue 86)

Redder by Vajra Chandrasekera – (Nightmare Magazine; Issue 95)

Refuge by Ben Peek – (Lightspeed Magazine; Issue 121)

Resilience by Christi Nogle – (PseudoPod; 704)

Resting Bitch Face by Lucy McKnight Hardy – (Black Static; Issue 76)

Rocket Man by Louis Evans – (Interzone; Issue 286)

Roots by Daniel Carpenter – (Black Static; Issue 75)

Salt and Iron by Gem Isherwood – (PodCastle; 625)

Scaled Soul by Rhianwen Phillips – (The Future Fire; Issue 2020.55)

Seb Dreams of Reincarnation by Aimee Ogden – (Deep Magic; Spring 2020)

Sela, Thief by Zabe Bent – (Tor.com; October 19, 2020)

Señor Garcia’s Cold Heart by David Urbina – (Flash Fiction Online; June 2020)

Separation Theory by Kristin Yuan Roybal – (Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet; Issue 42)

Seven Scraps Unwritten by L. Chan – (Metaphorosis; April 2020)

Shelter, Sustenance, Self by Aimee Ogden – (Flash Fiction Online; May 2020)

Single Malt Spacecraft by Marie Vibbert – (Lightspeed Magazine; Issue 121)

Six Dreams About the Train by Maria Haskins – (Flash Fiction Online; July 2020)

Skipping Stones in the Dark by Amman Sabet – (The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction; November/December 2020)

Sleep, Dragon by Dafydd McKimm – (Daily Science Fiction; January 31, 2020)

Sleeping in Metal and Bone by Kristi DeMeester – (The Dark Magazine; Issue 60)

Slipping the Leash by Dan Micklethwaite – (PodCastle; 638)

Small Magics by Juliet Kemp – (Flash Fiction Online; September 2020)

So You Want to Be a Honeypot by Kelly Robson – (Uncanny Magazine; Issue 33)

Soaring, the World on Their Shoulders by Cécile Cristofari – (Interzone; Issue 288)

Some Sketches of Country Life by Peter Gutierrez – (The Dark Magazine; Issue 59)

Sonya, Josephine, and the Tragic Re-Invention of the Telephone by I. S. Heynen – (Mithila Review; February 10, 2020)

Spencer by Tara Campbell – (Speculative City; Issue 7)

St. Valentine, St. Abigail, St. Brigid by C.L. Polk – (Tor.com; February 5, 2020)

Sticky Man by Vandana Singh – (Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet; Issue 42)

Strange Engines by Jordan Taylor – (The Future Fire; Issue 2020.54)

Stretch by Shari Paul – (The Dark Magazine; Issue 65)

Studies on the Impact of Homeschooling, or When Not to Wear a Tuxedo by R. Rozakis – (Cast of Wonders; 411)

Sunrise, Sunrise, Sunrise by Lauren Ring – (Apparition Lit; Issue 12)

Synner and the Rise of the Rebel Queen by Phoebe Wagner – (Diabolical Plots; 63B)

Talentless Bards and Other Strange Birds by Avra Margariti – (From the Farther Trees; Issue 3)

Talorian the Fair by KELS – (Daily Science Fiction; December 29, 2020)

Tara’s Mother’s Skin by Suzan Palumbo – (PseudoPod; 718)

Tasting Menu by Kristen Koopman – (Kaleidotrope; Winter 2020)

Tea with the Earl of Twilight by Sonya Taaffe – (Nightmare Magazine; Issue 96)

teatime by Zin E. Rocklyn – (Tor.com; October 19, 2020)

Terminal by Dona McCormack – (Speculative City; Issue 8)

Territorial by Fleur Lyamuya – (Speculative City; Issue 10)

That Good Old Country Living by Vanessa Montalban – (Diabolical Plots; 67B)

That Which Smells Bad by Aline-Mwezi Niyonsenga – (FIYAH; Issue 16)

The Aetherised Chamber by Stewart Moore – (PseudoPod; 690)

The Black Paintings by Simon Avery – (Black Static; Issue 75)

The Blue Room by Yohanca Delgado, Claire Wrenwood – (Nightmare Magazine; Issue 92)

The Bodies by Tim Pratt – (Drabblecast; 425)

The Bone-Stag Walks by KT Bryski – (Lightspeed Magazine; Issue 123)

The Bottomless Martyr by John Wiswell – (Uncanny Magazine; Issue 37)

The Candle Queen by Ephiny Gale – (Beneath Ceaseless Skies; January 16, 2020)

The Curtain Falls, the Show Must End by Julie Nováková – (Samovar; July 27, 2020)

The DEATH/GRIP Challenge by Johnny Compton – (Strange Horizons; May 18, 2020)

The Eat Me Drink Me Challenge by Chris Kuriata – (Diabolical Plots; 61A)

The End of the World Measured in N by Adam-Troy Castro – (Lightspeed Magazine; Issue 122)

The Fastener by Natsumi Tanaka, translated by Toshiya Kamei – (Daily Science Fiction; June 23, 2020)

The Fenghuang by Millie Ho – (Lightspeed Magazine; Issue 120)

The First Task of My Internship by Ziyin Xiong – (Nature: Futures; June 3, 2020)

The Fog Comes On Little Cat Feet; Mary E. Lowd – (Daily Science Fiction; April 8, 2020)

The French Disease by Sarah Parke – (Speculative City; Issue 9)

The Friendship Bench by Yvette Lisa Ndlovu – (Tor.com; October 19, 2020)

The Front Line by WC Dunlap – (Tor.com; October 19, 2020)

The Garden Where No One Ever Goes by P H Lee – (Beneath Ceaseless Skies; Issue 318)

The Gentry by Benjamin C. Kinney – (Kaleidotrope; Summer 2020)

The Girlfriend’s Guide to Gods by Maria Dahvana Headley – (Tor.com; January 23, 2020)

The Goatkeeper’s Harvest by Tobi Ogundiran – (The Dark Magazine; Issue 64)

The Green Hills of Dimitry Totzkiy by Eldar Safin, translated by Alex Shvartsman – (Samovar; April 27, 2020)

The Heart That Saves You May Be Your Own by Merrie Haskell – (Beneath Ceaseless Skies; Issue 313)

The Homestake Project by Cylin Busby – (The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction; November/December 2020)

The Honey of the World and the Queen of Crows by Dimitra Nikolaidou – (Beneath Ceaseless Skies; Issue 304)

The Hunting Ground by Siri Paulson – (Daily Science Fiction; May 29, 2020)

The Island of Misfit Toys by Fiona Moore – (Clarkesworld; Issue 171)

The Last Day of the Faith by T. R. Siebert – (Flash Fiction Online; September 2020)

The Last to Die by Rita Chang-Eppig – (Clarkesworld; Issue 160)

The Leader Principle by Naomi Kanakia – (Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction; January/February 2020)

The LEAP Test by Alex Jennings – (Strange Horizons; July 13, 2020)

The Liar’s Sun by Filip Wiltgren – (Flash Fiction Online; September 2020)

The Lie by Holloway Horn – (Flash Fiction Online; July 2020)

The List by Pip Coen – (Nature: Futures; December 18, 2020)

The Longest Season in the Garden of the Tea-Fish by Jo Miles – (Strange Horizons; April 13, 2020)

The Lori by Fiona Moore – (Clarkesworld; Issue 167)

The Marriage Book by Mitchell Shanklin – (Strange Horizons; January 6, 2020)

The Memory Chaser by Meghan McCarron – (The Future Fire; September 1, 2020)

The Mermaid Astronaut by Yoon Ha Lee – (Beneath Ceaseless Skies; Issue 298)

The Monkey Trap by Adam-Troy Castro – (Nightmare Magazine; Issue 97)

The Mystical Art of Codeswitching by Sydnee Thompson – (Tor.com; October 19, 2020)

The Myth of the Wound Sealer by Lia Binte Sidin – (Augur; Issue 3.1)

The Oddish Gesture of Humans by Gabriel Calácia – (Clarkesworld; Issue 166)

The Old Ones, Great and Small by Rajiv Moté – (Diabolical Plots; 61B)

The Orientation by Julianna Baggott – (Strange Horizons; January 13, 2020)

The Past, Like a River In Flood by Marissa Lingen – (Beneath Ceaseless Skies; Issue 311)

The Perfection of Theresa Watkins by Justin C. Key – (Tor.com; September 23, 2020)

The Ransom of Miss Coraline Connelly by Alix E. Harrow – (Fireside; Issue 78)

The Record Collector by Nathaniel Williams – (Metaphorosis; June 2020)

The Replacement by Mark Pantoja – (Bourbon Penn; Issue 20)

The River by Alice Towey – (Asimov’s Science Fiction; May/June 2020)

The Roman Road by Vajra Chandrasekera – (Fireside; Issue 83)

The Salt Witch by Martha Wells – (Uncanny Magazine; Issue 37)

The Search for [Flight X] by JY Yang  – (XPrize: Avatars Inc; March 2020)

The Shadow Prison Experiment by Caroline M. Yoachim – (Lightspeed Magazine; Issue 123)

The Smell of Night in the Basement by Wendy N. Wagner – (PseudoPod; 730)

The Smoking Mirror by Richard Wu – (Nature: Futures; February 5, 2020)

The Span of His Wrist by Lee Mandelo – (Uncanny Magazine; Issue 37)

The Spice Market by Sangeetha Thanapal – (Fireside; Issue 79)

The State Machine by Yudhanjaya Wijeratne – (Future Tense Fiction; September 26, 2020)

The Suicide of Our Troubles by Karl Schroeder – (Future Tense Fiction; November 28, 2020)

The Sycamore and the Sybil by Alix E. Harrow – (Uncanny Magazine; Issue 33)

The Time Traveler’s Advice to the Lovelorn by Adam-Troy Castro – (Lightspeed Magazine; Issue 120)

The Translator, at Low Tide by Vajra Chandrasekera – (Clarkesworld; Issue 164)

The Turn by Seán Padraic Birnie – (Black Static; Issue 74)

The Vampire of Kovácspéter by P H Lee – (Lightspeed Magazine; Issue 125)

The Wendigo at the End of the Blue Line by Gabriela Santiago – (The Dark Magazine; Issue 65)

The Widow by Emma Törzs – (Beneath Ceaseless Skies; Issue 305)

The Witch Speaks by Rati Mehrotra – (Lightspeed Magazine; Issue 119)

Theory to Bring You Home by Phoenix Alexander – (Kaleidotrope; Autumn 2020)

Things Boys Do by ‘Pemi Aguda – (Nightmare Magazine; Issue 89)

Things That Happen When You Date Your Ex’s Accidentally Restored Backup from Before the Divorce by Lisa Nohealani Morton  – (Clarkesworld; Issue 171)

Things the Spirit Living Inside the West Wind Brought to Abby’s House After the Terrible Storm by Cislyn Smith – (Daily Science Fiction; June 3, 2020)

Thirty-three by Tade Thompson – (XPrize: Avatars Inc; March 2020)

This House Is Full of Faith by S. Qiouyi Lu – (Anathema; Issue 10)

Those We Serve by Eugenia Triantafyllou – (Interzone; Issue 287)

Those Who Remembered by Lush Horizons – (Speculative City; Issue 10)

Tie A Yellow Ribbon by Harry Turtledove – (Tor.com; January 8, 2020)

Tiger of the New Moon by Allison Thai – (Anathema; Issue 11)

Tiger’s Feast by KT Bryski – (Nightmare Magazine; Issue 98)

Time Travel by Melanie Lau – (Flash Fiction Online; December 2020)

To Persist, However Changed by Aimee Ogden – (Analog; May/June 2020)

To the Knife-Cold Stars by Merc Fenn Wolfmoor – (Escape Pod; 737)

Today’s Question of the Day in Waverly, Ohio by Adam-Troy Castro – (Nightmare Magazine; Issue 89)

Tony Roomba’s Last Day on Earth by Maria Haskins – (Diabolical Plots; 70B)

Tornillo Memorial by Sean Vivier – (Daily Science Fiction; May 13, 2020)

Toxic Destinations by Alexander Weinstein – (Lightspeed Magazine; Issue 117)

Troubleshooting your smart fridge by EA Levin – (Daily Science Fiction; April 14, 2020)

Two Truths and a Lie by Sarah Pinsker – (Tor.com; June 17, 2020)

Two Watersheds by Kelly Robson – (XPrize: Avatars Inc; March 2020)

Uma by Ken Liu – (XPrize: Avatars Inc; March 2020)

Universes All the Way Down by Matt Tighe – (Nature: Futures; September 9, 2020)

Unlike Most Tides by Darcie Little Badger – (Drabblecast; 425)

Velvet by Nino Cipri – (Baffling; Issue 1)

Violet in Love by Geetanjali Dighe – (Nature: Futures; March 25, 2020)

Visarjan by Disha Bisht – (Hexagon Magazine; Issue 3)

Voice of Their Generation by Andrew Dana Hudson – (Lightspeed Magazine; Issue 119)

Wait for Night by Stephen Graham Jones – (Tor.com; September 2, 2020)

Warrior by Ebuka Prince Okoroafor  – (Daily Science Fiction; May 20, 2020)

Watching Rome Burn by Veronica Brush – (Fireside; Issue 75)

Watching the Music Dance by Kristine Kathryn Rusch – (Galaxy’s Edge; Issue 44)

Watershed by John Gilbey – (Nature: Futures; December 2, 2020)

We Are the Flower by Claire Humphrey – (PodCastle; 627)

We Are the Moor by Sylvia Heike – (Flash Fiction Online; February 2020)

We Aren’t Violent People by E.C. Barrett – (Bourbon Penn; Issue 20)

We Come as Gods by Suyi Davies Okungbowa – (Tor.com; October 19, 2020)

We Have Evacuated, Have a Good Day by Jendayi Brooks-Flemister – (Anathema; Issue 11)

We Will Become as Monsters by Benjanun Sriduangkaew – (The Future Fire; Issue 2020.55)

Weaving in the Bamboo by Eliza Chan – (Translunar Travelers Lounge; Issue 3)

What Lies Within by Isha Karki – (Augur; Issue 3.1)

Where the Old Neighbors Go by Thomas Ha – (Metaphorosis; September 2020)

Where We Are Bound by Kate Dollarhyde – (Kaleidotrope; Summer 2020)

White Noon by Aidan Doyle – (PodCastle; 614)

Your Harbor Is a Graveyard, Your Sanctuary a Tomb by Eeleen Lee – (Kaleidotrope; Summer 2020)

Your Rover Is Here by LP Kindred – (FIYAH; Issue 14)

Zombie Capitalism by Tobias S. Buckell – (Vice: Terraform; March 6, 2020)

Zsezzyn, Who Is Not a God by Jennifer Shelby – (Metaphorosis; June 2020)


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