A Mature Ending: Soulstar by C. L. Polk

Release Date: February 16, 2021
Series: Kingston Cycle #3
Publisher: Tor.com Publishing
Genre: Historical fantasy


“For years, Robin Thorpe has kept her head down, staying among her people in the Riverside neighborhood and hiding the magic that would have her imprisoned by the state. But when Grace Hensley comes knocking on Clan Thorpe’s door, Robin’s days of hiding are at an end. As freed witches flood the streets of Kingston, scrambling to reintegrate with a kingdom that destroyed their lives, Robin begins to plot a course that will ensure a freer, juster Aeland. At the same time, she has to face her long-bottled feelings for the childhood love that vanished into an asylum twenty years ago.Can Robin find happiness among the rising tides of revolution? Can Kingston survive the blizzards that threaten, the desperate monarchy, and the birth throes of democracy? Find out as the Kingston Cycle comes to an end.”

My Review

Each installment of the Kingston Cycle digs deeper and deeper into the heart of the people living in Aeland. Polk asks them who they are and what they value, and in each book the answers get harder and harder. In Witchmark, we see only the surface layer. The violence is small in scale if horrific in nature. In Stormsong, we see just how extensive the rot really is and the lengths those in power will go to stay there. And in Soulstar, we see what comes next, we see the limits of allyship and reform. We see how “go slow” and “unity” are used as weapons by those who benefit the most from the oppressive system…

To read the rest of my review, head over to Tor.com.

Buy it at Bookshop.org (affiliate link).

Thanks to the publisher for sending me a review copy.

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