Our Flag Means Death E6 recap: “The Art of F**kery”

Released: March 10, 2022
Network: HBO Max
Showrunner: David Jenkins
Genre: Rom-com, Alternate history

In which Ed very nearly does something he would regret forever.

My Thoughts

The thing about Blackbeard is that, like Stede, he’s way more gullible than he realizes. No matter how he really feels, he’s easily swayed by other people’s opinions. What I mean is that he’s so desperate to be liked that he’ll go against his own better judgment and personal desires. Ed doesn’t want to kill Stede. Never has. But Izzy putting him on the spot and challenging their relationship means he feels like he has to. 

The haunted house bit with the Dutch traders is so much fun. Only this show would come up with something as ludicrous as that and not only pull it off but also leaven it with enough emotion to allow a character development breakthrough for Ed. 

Izzy is pulling his own bit of fuckery with Blackbeard and Stede. Interestingly, what turns Stede isn’t the threat but hearing that Ed adores him. He’s less concerned with whatever Izzy is nattering on about and more with pleasing Ed. (Although I’d argue Stede doesn’t realize that’s what he’s doing.) Izzy, as we’ve seen, couldn’t have messed with Ed’s head without the backup of Fang and Ivan. His whole crew ganging up on him, with Izzy puppet mastering in the background, is what pushes Ed over the edge. If only Izzy had stuck with the fuckery. He probably could’ve gotten everything he wanted. Instead, he has to resort to scheming with Spanish Jackie.

I know, I know, don’t talk about future episodes. But! The way Ed says the line “I’m supposed to kill…you” is identical to the way he later says “What makes Ed happy is…you.” And then he rests his head on Stede’s hand! God fucking damnit!

Final Thoughts:

  • Poor Izzy thinking he’s listening in on Stede and Ed getting busy.
  • “We go to different heavens!” Oh Fang.
  • Hey! It’s Pete Gardner!
  • Until the day I die, I will never be over Ed hiding in Stede’s bathtub while wrapped in Stede’s bathrobe.

Closing credit song is undetermined. The subtitles just say “intense Spanish guitar playing.”.

One thought on “Our Flag Means Death E6 recap: “The Art of F**kery”

  1. I watched this one again last night and the haunted house aspect had me snort laughing all over again (the cat! I mean, honestly) and then… the bathtub and the robe and the lean!! Hadn’t caught the cadence match of the “…you” yet so, thank you for that.


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