Mini Review: “One Arm Shorter Than the Other” by Gigi Ganguly

Release Date: April 5, 2022
Publisher: Atthis Arts
Genre: Science Fiction


At Dadaji’s repair shop in Chandni Chowk, every broken object that passes through its seasoned teak doors is being transformed into something much…more.

A two-part novella, One Arm Shorter Than The Other weaves mysteries of fantasy with sci-fi possibilities.

My Thoughts

This unusual novella took me by surprise. It’s hard to explain exactly what’s happening without spoiling the entire thing, but it’s a weird little genre-bender that could only come out of an indie press. It’s a two-part novella, with the first being made of 3 short stories about a mysterious repair shop in Delhi and the second is a novelette that explains the shopkeeper’s background and connects the stories together. 

It’s lovely yet sparse; the dialogue and description are only what the reader needs and nothing else. It’s classic yet fresh and exciting, an easy read that lures you into the depths. It’s the kind of novella that will make you fall in love with speculative fiction all over again.

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