DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and the Losers Who Become Heroes (and Then Losers Again)


LegendsofTomorrow-featThe show is zany, but it believes in the zaniness. For every bananas moment there are two more full of heart and sincerity. Each choice in the writers’ room is made with the best intentions toward the characters, setting, and story. Brick by brick, the writers have built a strong foundation. They have crafted an expansive world that straddles the line between deeply odd and unexpectedly believable. Season 5 has just begun and the writing has never been sharper; the actors are at the top of their game, cranking out stellar performance after stellar performance. It takes a lot of skill to pull off weirdly serious and seriously weird without overwhelming the audience or becoming unpleasantly camp, but every cast member has nailed it…

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Celebrating the Best of Supernatural


Oh Supernatural, even though you can be painful, frustrating, and depressing sometimes, I will never stop loving you. With the start of the fifteenth (!) and final season this week, what better time to revisit the 307 (!!) episodes of the little show that could. Sam and Dean have died more times than they can count but this time it might be for good. But before the going gets tough and the tough get going, let’s take a moment to celebrate some of the best episodes that this bonkers, beautiful show has produced over the last decade and a half…

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