Short Speculative Fiction: December 2020

So long 2020. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. 2020 may have been a trash fire of epic proportions, but at least the short speculative fiction was good. These ten science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories were some of my favorites of the end-of-the-year crop. Genderqueer knights, resurrections, people made of fungi, sentient robots, it’s all here, and then some…

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Mechas and Monsters: New Young Adult SFF for January and February 2021

2021 certainly has gotten off to a rocky start. It’s a good thing there is such good young adult science fiction and fantasy being published in January and February to take the edge off. Let’s dive into the new year with some of my most anticipated YA with books about embattled assassins, deposed monarchs, petty gods, Nazi punchers, and more…

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New Young Adult Speculative Fiction January 2021

I come bearing gifts of great reading! Here’s a comprehensive guide to young adult speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, horror) being published in January 2021. Up first is a short list of the books I highly recommend, followed by a long list of basically every book being published.

Get your library cards and indie bookstore pre-orders ready, y’all.

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