Sensitivity/Authenticity reading


Open (on a limited basis) for sensitivity/authenticity reading requests.

Specialty Areas

  • Biracial Black (African American) & white
  • Genderqueer/nonbinary/agender
  • Asexual/asexual spectrum
  • Aromantic/aromantic spectrum
  • Queer & Black
  • Invisible disabilities – asthma, scoliosis, chronic pain/back & leg pain
  • Librarians/libraries
  • Private/independent/boarding schools
  • SDA & badventists
  • California/California history
  • Being Black in predominately white spaces
  • Black history in California

Within those specialty areas, I will read for Young Adult and Adult (including comics/graphic novels) and the genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Literary (YA only – both contemporary and historical).

More information about my background is here and my previous published works are here.

Preference goes to marginalized authors.

Rates & Services

I charge a flat rate of $0.005 per word, regardless of length of manuscript. I can read a partial MS or full or a section or chapter. If you are a private individual (as opposed to a publishing house), the fee must be pre-paid via Venmo. No refunds.

I will provide a 1-3 page document of notes (dependent upon the length of the MS and the amount of issues there are). If you so choose, you may also request a 30-60 minute phone or virtual conversation to discuss my notes for no additional fee. Turnaround time: 1-4 weeks.

Additional work, such as re-reading the document after changes have been made can be contracted at $0.003 per word; includes a second 1-3 page document of notes and a 30-60 min phone or virtual conversation, if requested.

I don’t provide editorial, copyediting, grammar, etc.

Things to keep in mind

My feedback is not an endorsement of your work. I will not publicly discuss the details of my feedback or your MS, although I reserve the right to discuss your work in general terms. 

If I work as a sensitivity/authenticity reader on your MS, I will not write a paid review or provide a blurb of the completed book. 

Please check with me first before naming me as your sensitivity/authenticity reader either publicly or in your book.

Next Steps

If you’re interested in potentially hiring me, visit my contact page. Please provide some information about your MS, including estimated word count, genre, age range, synopsis, and which of my specialty areas you’re interested in having me look at. We’ll discuss the project and your turnaround time to see if we are good fits for each other.