2019 Totals: Books


What follows is a list of the 100 books I read in 2019.

This year I decided to break down my reading habits. Of the 100, 49 were Adult, 47 were Young Adult or Middle Grade, and 4 were Children’s (picture books). Genre-wise, I still favor Fantasy (45%), with Science Fiction (14%), Mystery/Thriller/Crime (9%), Literary/Contemporary (8%), and Nonfiction (7%) trailing. The other genres – Poetry, Dystopian, Horror, Romance, genre-benders, anthologies, and picture books were at 1-4%.

For authors, 71% identified as women, 20% as men, and 9% as trans or nonbinary. 51% were BIPOC, 47% white, and 2% I could not determine how the author identified. Of the BIPOC authors: 46% were Asian/Asian American/Pacific Islander, 27% were Black, 20% were Latinx, and 7% were Indigenous. For both race and gender, I recorded authors however they identified – I did not assume identities.

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