YA Book Bundles – Horror and Mysteries

Libraries – especially public libraries – are gearing up for reopening or are rethinking what and how services might work in the future. One of those options we should be considering are book boxes or bundles. Many libraries are already offering them or, as in the case with my system, in development. With patron access to our buildings restricted or limited, now is the perfect time to implement or expand this service.

Since many libraries don’t have staff who specialize in teen services or aren’t able to carve out the time to design reader’s advisory lists, I figured I’d help my professional colleagues out. Each set of recommendations contain five YA books that are either already published as of summer 2020. Preference given to #ownvoices, marginalized authors and characters, and books teens are unlikely to read for school. Feel free to borrow or build on these sets.

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Short Speculative Fiction: May 2020

While the rest of the country seems hellbent on reopening in the middle of a pandemic, I intend to continue hiding in my house as much as humanly possible. Fortunately, there is a lot of excellent speculative short fiction to keep me occupied. These stories, full of ghosts and mythological beasties and mechas and brain implants, make up ten of the best science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories I read this past May…

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Short Speculative Fiction: April 2020

March seemed to drag on for an eternity while April was gone in a flash. Normal no longer exists. Time is a flat circle. Hell is empty, and so on and so forth. Speculative fiction cannot save the world, but if my experience is any indication it can at least make sheltering in place a little less soul-crushing. We were graced with a lot of great short horror, fantasy, and science fiction this past month, and these are ten of my favorites…

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Short Speculative Fiction: March 2020

In these trying times, you might as well treat yourself to some fantabulous, mind-bending short speculative fiction. Reanimated corpses meet alchemical androids, sea monster siblings go up against dark magic witches, and futures full of death and hope are plotted by pensive thinkers. Here are ten of the best short science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories I read in March…

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